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Classification of converging technology

Classification of converging technology

  • The classification of converging technologies provides a base for analysis of the current R&D and results of converging technologies that are essential in examining supporting policies.
  • Accordingly, a few classification systems of converging technologies based on technology, field and objective are suggested here.

Classification by technologybased on the NBIC standard

based on the NBIC standard

① BT Convergence

  • Development of human/humanized antibodies
  • Antibody improvement
  • Development/cultivation of high expressing cell lines
  • Production of substitute substances for food additives
  • Biosynthesis mechanism and control technology for biomass components

Classification by field

10 technology fields suggested in the Set of 120 Focus technologies of the Third Master Plan for Science and Technology


  • Technology utilizing knowledge-based big data
  • New concept computing technology
  • Ultra high-speed/ultra high-integrated semiconductor device technology
  • Environmentally friendly power-saving semiconductor circuit technology
  • Human-friendly display technology
  • VR/AR(Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) technology
  • Intelligent interactive technology
  • Sensibility ergonomic design technology
  • Emotional recognition and processing technology
  • User experience technology of new concept
  • Convergence service platform technology
  • Tangible emotional contents technology


  • Genetic treatment technology
  • Drug delivery optimization technology
  • Analysis technology for brain nerve system function
  • Reaction technology for infectious disease
  • Verification technology of effectiveness of oriental medicine and its mechanism
  • Body video device technology
  • Service robot technology
  • Mobile remote control treatment technology
  • Health management service technology
  • Biomarker development technology
  • Disease diagnosis biochip technology
  • Body function recover device
  • Rehabilitation treatment technology


  • Disease cause verification technology using genome information
  • Bio artificial organ development technology
  • Useful genetic resource use technology
  • Prevention, reaction, and treatment technology for agriculture and fishery resources.
  • Customized new cultivation technology

Machine, Manufacture, Process

  • Service robot technology
  • High tech weapon development technology
  • Army strategy information technology
  • Smart vehicle technology
  • Eco-friendly vehicle technology
  • High added value ship technology

Energy, Resource, Extreme technology

  • Smart grid technology
  • Heat energy network technology
  • New recycle energy technology
  • Next generation accelerator technology
  • Technology of wireless electric power transfer and wireless charging.

Aviation, Space

  • Space surveillance system technology
  • Intelligent unmanned plane technology

Environment, Earth, Sun

  • Monitoring and management technology for environment integration
  • Control and handling technology for pollutant
  • Hazardous evaluation technology for environment and body
  • Recycle technology for useful waste resource.
  • Preservation and recovery technology for nature's ecosystem
  • Surveillance, prediction, and reaction technology for weather change
  • Collection, storage, use technology for carbon dioxide


  • Multi-scale metallic material technology
  • Functional organic material technology
  • Eco-friendly bio material technology
  • High tech material technology
  • Biocompatible material development technology

Construction, Transportation

  • Intelligent building control technology
  • High efficient energy building technology
  • Technology of super construction material and materials
  • Service robot technology
  • Future high tech urban construction technology
  • Establishment and utilization technology for national land information
  • High tech cutting technology
  • Intelligent logistic system technology
  • High tech infrastructure construction technology
  • IT base eco-friendly road technology
  • Intelligent traffic system technology
  • Extreme space development technology
  • High tech plant original technology

Disaster, Catastrophe, Safety

  • Monitering and reaction technology for natural catastrophe
  • Weather and climate control technology
  • Disaster information communication system technology
  • Prediction and reaction technology for social complex disaster.

Classification by objective

Objective-oriented Classification suggested by National Patent Strategy Blueprint Project

Healthy life

  • Muscle strengthening/supporting technology for the aged/the disabled
  • Diagnosis and therapeutic training technology for dementia
  • Cancer-prevention technology with vaccination
  • Medical Lab-On-a-Chip technology
  • Cell imaging and Nano imaging technology
  • Non-characteristic nano material technology for metical diagnosis
  • Systemization technology for disease diagnosis
  • Terahertz diagnosis and treatment technology
  • Medical image-based treatment technology
  • Patchtype painless injection technology
  • Cancer target therapy technology
  • Ultrasonic noninvasive treatment technology
  • Surgical robot technology
  • Therapeutic robots
  • Organ regeneration technology using stem cells
  • Remote biodiagnosis
  • Processing technology of integrated analysis of medical big data
  • Clinical Decision Support System
  • Long wearable human-machine interfacing technology
  • Cancer treatments and prognosis prediction technology based on genetic testing
  • Health communications security technology + medical big data security technology

Safe Life

  • Technology of fishing message analysis and reaction
  • Quantum communication technology
  • Food hazardous element detection technology
  • Distinguishing technology for origin of Agriculture & Fishery products
  • Removal and management technology for food hazardous elements
  • Natural food additive production technology
  • Prediction and warning technology for land slide/avalanche of earth & rock
  • Crime perception and reaction technology using intelligent recognition technology
  • High sensitive detection and hazardous material removing technology for hazardous material detection
  • Personal safety service technology using mobile device
  • Ultra-fine weather observation and prediction technology based on mobile device
  • Weather prediction and disaster monitoring technology for multiple satellite information fusion broad area
  • Real time disaster monitoring technology using intelligent sensor network
  • Unmanned plane utilization technology for disaster site monitoring.
  • Integrated management system technology for facility safety
  • Prediction technology for atmospheric diffusion of fire and hazardous material.
  • Wearable computer technology for disaster correspondent
  • Disaster reaction and life saving robot

Pleasant Life

  • Social energy(heat, electric power, etc.) clouding management system
  • Smart water grid system technology
  • Smart temperature control exterior material technology
  • New regeneration energy integrated usage for living purpose
  • Energy tracking smart housing
  • Technology of monitoring and estimating atmospheric environment
  • IT base water quality monitoring technology
  • Eco-friendly circulation type plant technology
  • Compactizing technology of circulation type composite plant
  • Creature function imitation type separation film pure water filter technology
  • Pollutant absorption technology using nanostructure
  • Enhanced technology for traffic information collection
  • Active transportation management technology
  • Logistic automation technology using IT
  • Urban facility control system technology

Enjoyable Life

  • Mobile electronic commercial transaction verification/Login handling technology
  • Mobile electronic commercial transaction base binary/plug-in/auto pop-up technology
  • Mobile electronic commercial transaction base interface/UI/messaging technology
  • Technology of short distance wireless communication and infrared ray optical payment electronic bill.
  • Digital publishing/e-book contents service technology
  • Education content technology utilizing character/game
  • Functional game environment establishment technology to understand the principle of basic science based on simulation
  • Artistic activity (performance/show/performance art) producing simulator technology
  • Stage automation system technology
  • Active noise control(ANC) system
  • Optical motion capture/analysis technology
  • Forensic mark technology to prevent illegal distribution (illegal distributor detection technology)
  • Finger movement gesture recognition/sensing technology
  • Fluid/topology change simulation technology (special effects such as water, fire, explosion etc.)
  • Mobile non-eyeglasses type 3D technology
  • Real time magic mirror service technology using augmented reality
  • Sport content technology
  • Space video visualization/synthesis technology for augmented reality implementation
  • AR base user real time synthesis technology (mobile connection augmented reality implementation technology)
  • VR/AR applied indoor experiment type service technology

Abundant Life

  • Peripheral condition recognition and information fusion
  • Driver's body recognition and HIM integration
  • Accident prevention technology
  • Vehicle operation related information Big data utilization technology
  • Vehicle security technology
  • Unmanned self driving
  • Vehicle wireless communication technology
  • Personal adaptation type vehicle technology
  • IT base ship production technology
  • Ship integrated management network technology
  • Ship energy management system technology
  • Next generation navigation support system technology
  • Intelligent unmanned ship technology
  • Technology for low carbon and clean power ship
  • Gigantic floating type ocean structure base technology.
  • Ocean structure establishment technology using IT technology
  • Smart plant control system technology
  • Imaginary digital body shape/wear technology
  • Smart clothing electric signal transferring material technology
  • Nanofiber base water proof, anti-bacteria, absorption smart clothing technology
  • Smart clothing technology applying next generation display
  • Sensor base wearable computer technology
  • Production environment full control technology
  • Develop food production technology utilizing microorganism
  • Automation and robotization technology for farming,
  • Livestock robot technology for effective livestock production