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Definition of converging technology

Definition of converging technology

Definition by the General Policy for Development of National Converging Technologies(’07)

Convergence of
high-end technologies

A field which has the possibility of
realizing new technology by
chemically converging
new technology such as
IT, BT and NT

Overcoming limitations
of science & technology

A field which can possibly
overcome the current limitations of
science & technology through
convergence of heterogeneous

New market

A field which can possibly lead us
to secure a first-mover position
in the marketing medium
and long term

Definition in the Master plan for Development of Converging Technologies(’09~’13)

The technology leading future economy, society and culture by creating new value through synergistic convergence between new technologies, existing industry and academics.

  • Type 1: Convergence of new technology and existing academics (liberal arts, art/culture, etc.)
    ex) Converged contents and knowledge service technology, research on brain and cognitive science
  • Type 2 : Convergence between new technologies
    ex) nano-bio material->Nano-Bio materials, IT nanotechnology
  • Type 3 : Convergence of new technology and existing industry
    ex) intelligent automotive technology, urban high-tech industrial complex construction technology

Definition of Convergence by the Center

Definition slightly revised from other previous studies

  • The technology which can overcome limitations of existing academics and technology, and induce such synergistic
    convergence as creation of new fields academics / technology, new concepts or paradigms by combining academics and
    technology of different fields, or big science / technology driven by combination of material / human resources, systems
    and infrastructure at the nation level

ex) Ultra Large Scale Integrated

  • Heterogeneity of main factor technologies
  • Overcoming limitaions

ex) Technology utillizing big data

  • Heterogeneity of main factor technologies
  • Synergetic convergence

ex) Space development, high-tech
weapon development

  • Heterogeneity of main for technologies
  • Big science